• Top 6 Questions:

    • Is it Human Hair?

    Yes, each wig is constructed with 100% Human Hair.

    • Do we Cut the Lace?

    Absolutely, we are able to cut the lace (Additional Services Collection). Remember to include this service in your cart along with your chosen wig.

    • What does ready to wear mean?

    Expect your unit to arrive fully customized. This includes bleaching the knots of the unit, plucking the hairline for a natural look, and ensuring the unit is washed and styled.

    • What to do when your wig arrive?

    Start by taking the unit out of the SQH wig box, then apply lace tint or your preferred concealer and carefully cut the lace. If desired, you can use a holding spray or dab a small amount of hair mousse with your finger. Finally, secure the unit with a melt band for 5 minutes and you're all set.

    • Beginner Friendly?

    Rest assured that all preparations have been made on your behalf, ensuring a seamless self-installation experience. We advise investing in a closure wig and opting for our professional lace-cutting service.

    • How Long is Shipping?

    After your items have been shipped, you should receive them in 2-3 business days (USA only). For international shipping, kindly allow 6-10 business days for delivery.

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